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This is the total number of vehicles detected by our traffic sensors placed in Florence area since June 17th, 2015. Updated every minute.

Magenta srl presents its innovative, feature-rich traffic monitoring technology: a lightweight solution to collect analytics about vehicles, people and bicycles in smart environments.

  • Easy to install and configure: requires little to no new infrastructure (exploits the existent) and is configured via your web browser.
  • Suitable for long-term / short-term / temporary monitoring campaign: its robustness to sub-optimal camera positioning makes it suitable for temporary installations, that are kept in place for the time strictly needed for traffic monitoring and then removed.
  • Easy integration with third-parties platforms: collected data can be queried via a simple but complete set of CGIs. Data are returned as JSON documents that can be easily parsed.
  • Provides vehicle's classification: by estimating their length and speed, vehicles are divided in six different categories.
  • Easy to learn, difficult to master: our technology makes it possible to start collecting traffic data in minutes, while preserving great flexibility that makes it suitable for a wide variety of different cases and scenarios, each with their own peculiarities and difficulties.
  • Continuous development: haven't you find the feature you need yet? Well, propose your own, you may see it included in the next release!

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