Pope Francis visiting Florence

On November the 10th Pope Francis visited the city of Florence and that has had a wide impact on the city’s mobility, as you can see from this map released by the Florence municipality:

The map shows all the measures taken by the municipality regarding traffic modifications in the city. We added a little red circle on the map: that is the position of one of our first sensors (here labeled “FI-CENTRO”), and luckily, it is placed right on the pope-mobile path!

The impact of Pope’s visit on the city traffic flows has been measured by a few sensors of ours, as depicted in the following graph:

There it is shown the percentage difference between the traffic intensity on the days of Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th. As you can see, there has been a sensible drop in traffic flows, particularly in the city center. The “FI-CENTRO” sensor, by the way, has actually “seen” Pope Francis passing by. Here it is:

In the plot above, the vehicles counted throughout Monday 9th. Below, the vehicles counted on Tuesday 10th. There is evidently a huge difference in the two traffic profiles. “And the pope?” you may say… Well, the pope-mobile (and its followers) passed at about 9:50 am, and we have a maximum at 9:52 am…

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