CHEST/TrafficFlow work progress

Hi there! We have been quite busy in the last couple of months and we disregarded the website a bit. It is time to remedy and give you an update on the work progress.

We have worked on several aspect. We improved the sensors, making it more robust so to increase its reliability and having it require less maintenance. We improved the tools we use to monitor the activity of deployed sensor and to produce our plots:

We bought a new server that hosts the database collecting all our data. But most important, we deployed a lot of new sensors, as the result of the interest of many neighboring municipalities that accepted to host our experimentation since our talk with the majors of “Città Metropolitana di Firenze”.

This is a map of the sensors deployed at the moment:

They sum up to about 30 sensors deployed and counting, and more will come in the near future.

As time passes by, we keep increasing the amount of collected data and we recently exceeded 22 millions of detected vehicles!

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