CHEST/TrafficFlow at Caffè-Scienza

“Caffè-Scienza” is the italian version of “Café Scientifique”: a grassroots public science initiative that aims at demystifying scientific research for the general public and empower non-scientists to more comfortably and accurately assess science and technology issues, by means of informal meetings in which one or several scientists are invited to talk in laymen’s term about their work or topic.

Café Scientifiques spread from England, where they were born, to many other countries. In Italy they are organized in a network of italian “Caffè-Scienza”. Among these, “Caffè-Scienza Firenze e Prato” is the association that organizes “Caffè-Scienza” in the cities of Firenze e Prato.

From October to December 2015 Magenta attended to three different events organized by “Caffè-Scienza Firenze e Prato”.

The first was a meeting between the managers of the various “Caffè-Scienza” associations, in which Caffè-Scienza Firenze promoted the idea of dedicating some of the monthly meetings to present participative projects, i.e. projects that actively involves people to achieve an object that improves everyone’s life. Magenta was invited to present the CHEST/TrafficFlow project as an example of such a project. The meeting was held in Genova and we attended via video-conference. Here’s the recording of the meeting (italian only):

After this meeting, we have been invited to participate to two different Caffè-Scienza, the first in Firenze and the second in Prato. The meeting in Firenze was held on October 29th, 2015 and was completely dedicated to the CHEST/TrafficFlow project. Here’s the recording of the meeting (italian only):

The meeting in Prato was held on December 15th, 2015 and hosted a more general discussion on participative projects and the possibilities that they open for citizens. Here’s the recording of the meeting (italian only):

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