Magenta presented results of CHEST/TrafficFlow project at MAPEC 'Ambiente e salute' congress

MAPEC is a EU funded project committed in monitoring of air pollution effects on children in order to support public health policies. On June 16th 2016, partners of MAPEC project organized the first Central Italian Mapec Workshop, held in Pisa with the title “Aria e salute: molti punti di vista per una visione d’insieme”. During the event, midterm results of MAPEC project have been presented. Being vehicles’ traffic one of the most important source of pollution, Magenta was invited, beside others, to attend to the event presenting the results of CHEST/TrafficFlow project. Also, we were able to present the result of the collaboration with IBIMET for the joint monitoring of traffic flow and air quality, published just a couple of weeks before.

Here’s the events brochure and a few pics of the event.

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