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In the context of the Organicity project, we started our activities in the City of London, for an experiment on Participatory Traffic Monitoring with IoT Sensors. The experiment focus on measuring traffic in and around the borough of Hackney, and in particular in the zone around the Shoreditch Triangle. We placed two sensors already, one in Hoxton square and the other in Bethnal Green Road. The latter is hosted by the building of the Newspeak House. These are some of the pictures showing our sensor and the warm environment they have on their premises:

A few days after the installation, we can show a first interesting piece of data: how Londoners commuted on Bethan Green Road on January 17 (aka, The “Blue Monday”):

Blue Monday commute

Blue Monday commute

The top chart shows the inbound direction, which is more crowded in the morning, while the bottom shows the outbound direction. The data clearly show how people arrive in the morning in a much shorter period with respect to how the leave in the evening. This cause the road to saturate around 8am until 10am. This is likely the worst time of day to travel Bethan Green Road toward London. How do we know the road is saturated? Because our congestion indicator blows up in the 8-10 time frame:

Blue Monday congestion

Blue Monday congestion

This empiric measure of the congestion is based on how long vehicles stand still in the monitored area, so it is a good approximation of the current road performance. If you live in the area, we’d like to know if these observation are correct, so if you have anything to add to this information, feel free to drop us a line or comment.

We’ll keep monitoring in the upcoming days to see if this tendence is confirmed!

If you like to play with the dataset, here’s the download link:

Eastbound dataset

Westbound dataset

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