Londoners' nightlife

On February 24th, we were again in London to install some new TrafficFlow sensors. Thanks to the precious help of Hackney Borough, we found the collaboration of the Open Data Institute in London. They lent us one of their windows and a network connection, and they are now hosting a sensor that monitors the junction between Worship St. and Clifton St. Here’s the sensor in action:

The sensor configuration is quite complex. In fact, not only it is counting vehicles, but it is also counting pedestrian crossing Clifton St. and walking along Worship St. After two weeks, we found that the data collected are already very interesting. Give a look at these plots:

It seems that pedestrians’ and vehicles’ flows have opposite pattern along the week. Pedestrians flow (top row) is high on monday to friday, and low in the weekend. Conversely, vehicles flow (middle and bottom row) is higher in the weekend, and particularly in the late evening, after 19:00 and until 1:00 or 2:00 in the night. Maybe we have spotted the londoners’ nightlife?

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