The technologies presented on this site, as well as TrafficFlow and FLOUD products, have been developed with the support of the following EU-funded projects.


    The Organicity project allows Magenta to extend the experimentation of participatory traffic monitoring with IoT sensors beyond the Italian border. The experiment will be based in the London Borough of Hackney (UK), where a network of IoT sensors will be deployed to monitor live traffic conditions. The Organicity activities will be also an important integration test, since the data collected will made available on Organicity’s Urban Data Observatory tool and will be used to measure behavior changes in correspondence with specific events.

    SME Instrument TrafficFlow

    Magenta's main objective within SME Instrument project was to explore the commercial potential and economic viability of TrafficFlow, thus allowing Magenta to enter into the market as quickly as possible. A complete investor memorandum was developed in the form of a consolidated business plan. Specific objectives are consistent with expected exploitation and impact, are reflected in the Work Plan and summarised as follows: To assess TrafficFlow’s commercial / marketing viability. This includes a full scale commercial analysis & marketing plan (including specific measures for different target users) and a detailed IP regime, taking into consideration the international nature of potential commercialisation; To assess TrafficFlow’s short, medium, long term economic viability.

    SOUL-FI Floud

    Traffic Flow Analysis in the Cloud FLOUD is a mobile/web platform that provides analytics and insights about the flow of vehicles and people in smart cities and other urban environments such as commercial retail spaces. While CHEST project allowed to prototype and validate the TrafficFlow sensors in a relevant environment, with many installations spread in the Metropolitan Area of Florence, during the SOUL-FI project the entire platform FLOUD has been completed and fully demonstrated in operational environment.

    CHEST Traffic Flow

    Harnessing Residents’ Windows for Traffic Monitoring The project proposed by Magenta Software Lab aims at conducting an extensive traffic measurement campaign in the Florence metropolitan area. Magenta will ask people to use their technology to set up traffic monitoring points from their windows, balcony or other vantage points to lay out a network of sensors of unprecedented coverage for this area, effectively setting up an integrated and participatory traffic monitoring initiative.