VehicleCounter 3

    VehicleCounter is a traffic monitoring application for the Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP). It can be installed on board of most of the ACAP-enabled Axis camera server, turning your Axis camera into an intelligent traffic monitoring sensor. Video analysis is performed on-board, so that the only data transmitted are analytics: no image is transmitted by VehicleCounter to any host (unless you instructed your Axis camera to do so). VehicleCounter can be entirely configured using your web browser, by accessing its configuration pages that are perfectly integrated with your Axis camera’s web interface.

    TrafficFlow sensor

    TrafficFlow is an innovative, low-cost sensor based on the popular Raspberry Pi computing device. It is designed to be installed indoor and exploit an existing wireless (or wired) network for connectivity. TrafficFlow includes a video sensor that feeds a specific version of VehicleCounter application, ported on the Raspberry Pi ARMv7 platform. Thus, it runs the same algorithms and offers the same features than VehicleCounter 3 for the Axis Camera Application Platform.

    FLOUD Platform

    The FLOUD platform is the natural companion of VehicleCounter and TrafficFlow products. With FLOUD, you will have easy access to the data collected by your sensors’ network: data browsing, data analysis, data reports, and even sensors diagnostics are easily manageable through the FLOUD platform. If you do not want to worry in setting up your own data storage and analysis infrastructure, and carrying out all the needed integrations activities, Magenta provides you all of these through the FLOUD platform as a service.