TrafficFlow sensor

TrafficFlow is an innovative, low-cost sensor based on the popular Raspberry Pi computing device. It is designed to be installed indoor and exploit an existing wireless (or wired) network for connectivity. TrafficFlow includes a video sensor that feeds a specific version of VehicleCounter application, ported on the Raspberry Pi ARMv7 platform. Thus, it runs the same algorithms and offers the same features than VehicleCounter 3 for the Axis Camera Application Platform.

Though it is still to be considered a prototype, TrafficFlow has already proven its maturity. In fact, it has been used in more than 40 installations since June 2015, counting many decades of millions vehicles (they are going to be around 80M by the end of November 2016), with typical uptimes of 9-10 months (increasing every day as many sensors are still operative and collecting data).

Its characteristics make TrafficFlow ideal for temporary, short- to long-term campaigns of traffic data acquisition for stakeholders and public administrations that could leverage on people collaboration (citizens, employees, members of associations, volunteers, or just technology addicted) to promote participative data collection initiatives.

Also, TrafficFlow sensors integrate effortlessly with the FLOUD platform, making data analysis and reporting a quick and easy task, enabling massive data dissemination and delivery. This helps proponents closing the positive feedback loop that gives contributors their motivation.



  1. A wireless or wired network to connect the sensor to, with Internet access.
  2. Power supply
  3. A web browser (for configuration of virtual sensors and camera settings)

How to get TrafficFlow

If you are interested in TrafficFlow, get in touch! Write us an email: Also, if you are running a digital social innovation project, you may get access to our technology pro bono!